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Welcome to Department of Zoology


Natural Sciences have attracted humans for two reasons, namely the mysterious and the aesthetic elements. Animals and plants are mysterious in their physiology and beautiful in their external morphology. That is why their study is interesting and exciting.

Established in the year 1991, The primary objective of the department is to impart quality education in the subject of Zoology. Within this broad stream, students are taught varied subjects like Cell biology, Ecology, Physiology, Genetics, Immunology and Biotechnology. knowledge of Applied Zoology paves way for self employment through opportunities in Aquaculture, Api-culture and Vermi-culture.


Being one of the oldest departments to be established right from inception of the institution. It serves to inculcate social responsibilities and serve the society by not only becoming Teachers, Scientists, Environmentalists but also responsible citizens who bridge the gap between science and common man. The Department has linkages at STATE LEVEL-TELANGANA FOREST DEPARTMENT,BCS(Butterfly Conservation Society),NATIONAL LEVEL-CEE(Centre for Environmental Education),GMERF(Global Medical Educational Research Foundation)ITC.

Vision, Mission & Motto

VISION – The Department of Zoology is a nurturing ground for an individual’s holistic development and to inculcate fraternal spirit for effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment.

MISSION – “Through purposeful learning the creativity blossoms; when the creativity blossoms thinking emanates and the knowledge is fully lit.”

  • To inspire students to reach the frontiers of Biological Sciences.
  • To develop research aptitude and a scientific advancement.
  • To develop an aptitude for understanding nature and its rich biodiversity.
  • To acquire knowledge on the taxonomic status of various animals and its relationship to man.
  • To appreciate the correlation between the structure and function of organisms.
  • To bring about an awareness of health related problems, its prevention and cure.
  • MOTTO – Aspire, Act & Achieve

Zooic Club

The very ethos of the department is to enable students to imbibe the values of discipline, hard work, cooperation, team spirit, tolerance and communal harmony. Academic and personal counseling motivate the students to “Set goals high and Dream high” and achieve success.

A host of co–curricular activities are organized every academic year to make learning beyond the class room, activities include seminars, workshops, guest lectures, community service and outreach programmes.


The department is furnished with spacious lab, museum and infrastructure for practical learning and also promoting the use of ICT. The Department has accumulated a store house of knowledge, with various books and journals.

Apart from the lecture method, the interactive method, project-based learning, computer-assisted learning, experiential learning, seminars and other methods of teaching are in practice.


The faculty motivates the students and develops the skills with which they find a way through the sea of knowledge using innovative methods. Since the inception of the department the students are actively involved in minor projects funded by the management. Faculty published 22 papers in national and international journals.